Logi Gold is a gold exploration, development, mining, engineering and ore processing company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gold Market

The Gold Market is a complex arrangement with most of the buying happening as physical gold in lesser developed countries and carefully managed financial markets setting the prices in London and New York.  There also seems to be way less gold in sovereign storage than what is reported.  This is resulting in very strong responses to the recent purchase of gold by both individuals and other soveriegn financial institutions.

Economic Conditions

We believe that with the lack of available liquid hydrocarbons, the world has been forced into a permanent recession that will not be relieved until global transportation evolves away from liquid hydrocarbons.  The lack of low cost transportation is reducing corporate income and tax revenues for the modern world. This will result in permanent sovereign deficits and continued money printing by bureaucrats in charge of governments until either countries stop printing and pay off their debts with a sustained period of austerity or their is financial collapse.  We believe that financial collapse is unavoidable for the OECD countries of the world. Gold will become the defacto standard medium of exchange.

Logi Gold Processing

Gold is found to be present with many other metals, rare earths and sulfur. Some of these metals melt at much higher temperatures than gold and are not easy to separate. The techniques developed by Haber, Inc. simplify and accelerate the refining process lowering costs while utilizing non-toxic chemicals. Logi Gold also offers Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for the design and development of gold ore processing plants. We also operate those plants.


Careful, complete and synergistic engineering results in processing plants that are successful, low cost and easy to operate, with high availability rates. Our people and strategic partners provide us with the skill sets we need to deliver high quality engineering.


Superior smarts, conscientious safety attitudes, secure processes and attention to detail is what sets our operators apart.  We provide superior people, properly trained and always ready to identify and implement positive changes to improve operations and drop costs.

Gold Mining

Our engineers and gold miners are superior, successful and well trained to not only execute on current operations, but to be looking for new opportunities.  They are experts able to explore, develop and produce safely, efficiently and for a superior return on investment.

About Logi Gold

Logi Gold, LLC , is a Wyoming limited liability company and is seeking initial capitalization of the company for the purpose of developing an ore processing plant as well as exploring, developing and mining claims if economic to do so. We are looking for accredited investors only.  The federal securities laws define the term accredited investor in Rule 501 of Regulation D.

The Company has established a relationship with a process technology company, Haber, Inc. which has developed a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and proven methodology to recover up to 99% of gold from nearly any ore.  This refining group is willing to joint venture with Logi Gold to process ore from both Logi Gold and other miners.  Logi Gold will be responsible for the Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) effort and most of the refinery operations. The refining process would start very small and would increase in sophistication as the rest of the plant automation is installed.  Anticipated cash flows starting with such a simple operation appear to be of a magnitude which will allow growing the Company out of cash flow.