Loment is an integrated communications, technology (ICT) company. We deliver communications products and services with enhanced privacy and security that directly benefit the end user. Specifically, our products are designed to work with text/SMS messaging, email as well as certain transactional communications enhancing their privacy and security.

Our products and services are supported on a variety of devices such as personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones across multiple operating platforms. In general, our products offer Privacy, Security, Identity Management, Visual Aids, Organization of information, Hibernation, Remote Wipeout, Backup, Restore, Export, Import, Sync, Archives, Drafts, Templates, Reports, Readability, Auto Response, Restricted Messages, Auto Expiration, Service Activation, Deactivation, Billing, and other features. Our products are designed to be directly used by the end user or may be packaged into value added services by communications carriers and service providers to deploy value added services to mass markets.

Our initial product portfolio consists of Peanut, Walnut and Cashewnut.

Peanut transforms existing carrier provided SMS text messaging application into privacy and security enhanced Secure SMS text messaging application.

Walnut allows the user to send and receive Secure Email messages for all the existing email accounts, including free Internet services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft Outlook or other enterprise and corporate email services. Instead of depending on yet another new email service to have security, the user is able to enjoy secure email for all existing accounts and meet any regulatory compliance requirements.

Cashewnut allows the user to have HTTP or web messaging that seamlessly connects desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile environments while also offering privacy, security and regulatory compliance needs. This service can be deployed across public networks or, alternatively, within private and closed user group environments.