Londons Times Cartoons, the flagship of Rick London Group was founded in an abandoned Ms. warehouse in 1997. Since that time it has grown to be the #1 offbeat cartoon on the Internet, ranked so by Google since 2005 and MSN since 2008; as has Londons cartoon gift and Tshirt shops. His main cartoon site is http://www.LondonsTimes.us. He has numerous gift shops such as http://www.RickLondonCollection.com and http://www.LTSuperstore.com.

 London is also a digital fashion designer and created the world's only "famous love quote shoes", Shoes That Amuse, that have received positive reviews by APWire and USA Today.  London was the first and only offbeat cartoonist to "go green" dedicating an entire shop to 100% organic cotton products with his RickLondonOrganicTees.com shop.  London is a well known pioneer ecologist and animal activist. He is an Ms. Gulf native and donates regularly to various Gulf causes, especially after the BP oil disaster. London and his designer/photographer wife Lee Hiller-London live on the edge of the oldest National Park in the U.S., Hot Springs, Ar. They are avid hikers and nature buffs.