Steel Reinforcement rods (“Rebar”) will out pace gold in value in the coming years.

Steel Rebar among other steel products are the main component of construction projects and are required to build nearly any road, bridge or high rise building. To accomplish the goal of rebuilding the US infrastructure and construct better and stronger highways, longer and wider airport runways, increased bridge spans and taller commercial buildings, steel products are the main problem.

Steel Rebar manufacturing in the US is nearly non-existent as the past 30 years government leaders and regulations have driven the steel industry out of the Country. The US imports nearly all the manufactured steel products used in the building industry. US is last 11th in export of steel products but number 1 in the importing of steel products. US is not making any steel products at home but is buying from other countries which is making them rich as US get poor.

Lone Mountain Mining Company (“LMMC”) owns iron ore deposits and has designed a spearhead project to tackle the monumental task of rebuilding the US infrastructure as President Trump as contracted with all American citizens. Lone Mountain Mining Company’s design and plan is currently in the final stage having contracted to build on its mining property an 80MW natural gas power generating plant, a iron ore mining facility and a steel manufacturing plant capable of making 500,000 metric tons of #6 ASTM A615/M Grade 60 steel Rebar annually for the next 10 years. #6 steel rebar is one of the most used produce in the construction industry. According to US Geology Survey currently there is 6 million tons of rebar in place in Interstate highways.

The action of creating 500 new jobs that manufacture 500,000 metric tons of steel Rebar which must be shipped some place. Will the rebar be shipped by rail way, container, over the road trucking or picked up by the end user at the plant?

Let us see! Say Lone Mountain Mining Company’s 500 workers ship 500,000 metric tons by railway in 100 rail cars plus 3 engines and 6 employees every 10 days or 36 shipments annually to a wholesale buyer. Once received at the wholesale location where there are another 100 to 200 workers that unload and then reload to deliver to a buyer’s warehouse that employee 150 to 200 workers. From the buyers location the rebar moves to the business 25 to 150 various establishments for final sale to end users.

End users are the thousands of contractors and building companies that make up the building contractors that purchase the steel Rebar for roads, bridges and high rise building projects that create new jobs. From the start of creating a new manufacturing plant that produces steel rebar, with the iron ore facility and the power generating station the action onto the reaction of the wholesale buyer creates a chain reaction at the business establishment which causes and explosion in the building and construction industry.

For instance a 40 story high rise building will use a minimum of 800 metric tons of #6 ASTM A615/M Grade 60 steel Rebar and will employ over 100 workers for several years.

Under that scenario Lone Mountain Mining Company will be supplying and average of 800 metric tons of #6 steel Rebar to 625 contactors annually that employ over 62,500 workers over several years and adding the 7,500 form the manufacturing and delivery over 70,000 will be created.

Just Lone Mountain Mining Company’s plan to create 500 new permanent jobs by manufacturing steel Rebar ends up rebuilding the infrastructure caused the action and the reaction caused the creation of 70,000 new jobs annually for 10 years.

President Trumps plan to create 25 million jobs over a 10 year period it would only take 350 projects similar to the planned project of Lone Mountain Mining Company and at the total cost of Lone Mountain Mining Company for the completed project of $750 million, the total cost to the private sector would be $260 billion, which would generate $700 billion new real value to the economy, create 25 million new permanent high paying jobs, which with the proposed 15% tax cut for the working class will revive the stagnate wages and will spawn $1.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue to the treasury over at 10 year period.

Just as Lone Mountain Mining Company is financing its project, not by borrowing funds, but by pre-selling 600,000 metric tons of rebar so can other companies can follow the thought or use other means or products to complete a project.

Lone Mountain Mining Company is offering 300 secure asset back discount global mid-term notes due and payable October 15, 2021 to fund the construction of an 80MW natural gas power generating station, a 10,000 tons per day iron ore mining facility and steel rebar manufacturing plant and the creation of 300 to 500 high paying ($75,000.00 annually) permanent jobs.