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A lone worker is an employee, contractor or self-employed person who works in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision.  With no-one to rely on to help in case of accident or emergency, they are at greater risk than if they had the support of colleagues nearby.

Lone Worker Safety supports business owners, CEOs, senior officers and health & safety professionals in meeting their lone worker safety obligations. Growing legislative pressure and personal risk, plus the range of lone worker solutions available can make it challenging to keep up & effectively discharge lone worker responsibilities.

People at work face a multitude of risks, including at times the risks that come just from working alone. A lone worker could be someone travelling, alone at a worksite or in a depot, or working back late at an office. And if something were to happen, often no-one would know about it until much later when they’ve failed to check in, or haven’t arrived back at an office or depot, or a client has called wondering why they’ve not arrived for an appointment. And if there were a problem, how would you know about it, and equally important, how would you know exactly where to send help?

Do you really know where your Lone Workers are and that they’re safe?
Do they have an effective means of communication in case something happens?
Do they KNOW that someone can and will respond when there is an emergency – every  time?
Have you carried out a proper risk assessment lately?

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