Longman(http://www.longmanlight.com) is a dedicated research and development. Production. Sales of professional  manufacturer  of l ighting  products,  including  led  stage lights. Led decorative  light.  Led  lighting.  Professional  stage equipment.

In the development and growth, the Longman team formed its  own characteristics, Longman people to "Happy Light Messenger" self-made,  adhering  to t he  "created colorful  life"  the  purpose  of increasing  R  &  D i nvestment  and  global  market  development  efforts,the plant has been created "Longman" own brand, has  introduced
various types of professional lighting products. Each year, we  launched less than 20 species, overrate themselves  good,attractive design  and  precision  processing  technology  and  excellent  value  for  money,  has been installed in various domestic  and international stage.  Guesthouse. Hotels and other public and private places, etc., and  exported to Europe and America more than 80 countries and regions.

Band Idea
"Longman" proprietary brand regards "Happy angle of light" as its logo which is made up of light ray and to present a meaning that "Longman staff" are creating splendors to please people by professional technology. "Happy angle of light" shows itself with running, it even embodies the enthusiasm and innovation of "Longman staff",which means that "Longman" company dedicates himself to benefit the clients, to profit the shareholders, to become a leading guide in the area of energy-saving,colorful and intelligent lamps and lanterns."By Germany Technology,At China Price"is one of the most wonderful features of "Longman"products. "Longman staff" carry forward the good research and development technology in order to give expression to the three "energy-saving,colorful and intelligent" ideas in every detail.