Welcome to Dog Kingdom Pets where your dog rules and we are committed to providing you with the best dog training and pet care available – and it’s all force-free. We founded Dog Kingdom Pets on some pretty basic principles and a simple philosophy.

We wanted to provide you with the tools you need to live joyfully in a modern world with the pets you have chosen to share your life with. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, no warnings of “don’t try this at home”. Just scientifically based, force-free dog training and pet care techniques that are safe, easy to learn and implement with absolutely no negative side effects.

The most important thing to recognize about Leslie Clifton is that her dog training and pet care business is a natural extension of her personal and professional philosophy.
As a charter member of the Pet Professional Guild (the only member organization for force-free dog trainers and pet care professionals), Leslie is committed to advocating for dogs and she only uses force-free training and pet care methods.  Her primary goal is to improve the dog-human relationship that will help keep pet dogs happily in the home and out of shelters. This philosophy is the foundation of her Dog Kingdom Pets dog training and pet care business and it is the basis for every interaction Leslie has with your pet.

Leslie is first and foremost an animal lover and force-free professional dog trainer.  And who better to entrust with the care and education of your beloved four-legged family member? Each of Leslie’s clients gets the same love, personal attention and extraordinary professional expertise that she gives her own labs – Bridget, Doobie and Talley.  By synthesizing her personal beliefs, professional standards and business practices, Leslie is uniquely qualified to provide the very safest and most effective training and pet care that you can count on every time.

Learning to communicate with your family pet should be fun for you and your dog but it should also be effective without causing any damage or unexpected side effects. More importantly, the methods you use to communicate with your dog should not be based on outdated myths or debunked theories. It is critical that any training methods you use with your beloved pet should be well-founded in science and not rely on fads, gimmicks, the latest electronic push-button gizmo or the edited smoke and mirrors used on television reality shows. And force and pain should never used.

The Dog Kingdom Dog Training is what you need for all of your training needs. All Dog Kingdom services are rooted in the most robust scientific research and the Dog Kingdom is committed to always using only force-free training techniques that will be fun and stimulating for you and your dog. Force-free methods are safe, incredibly effective and help ensure that real learning takes place. Using force-free techniques your pet will never be subjected to negative side effects.

No doubt about it, your pets are happiest when they are at home with you.  Always.  But that isn’t how our lives work is it?  But your pet can be perfectly happy waiting for you at home while you’re away.  Of course, some pets love going with you to new and exciting places while other pets simply aren’t happy traveling with you or spending time away from home in a commercial facility.

So when you have to leave your pets, leave them in their own home with a Dog Kingdom Professional Pet Sitter.  Whether you need to be away for an hour, a day, a week or longer, the Dog Kingdom has an ideal program to fit your needs and budget.  From daily lunch breaks to multiple daily visits, you can rest assured your pet will be safe, happy and secure in your home, while you’re away.

Dog Kingdom Pet Sitters are Pet First Aid certified, fully bonded and insured.  We know pets and we care for them as if they were are very own.  Not only do you enjoy the benefits of our affordable and reliable care for your pets but you will also enjoy the peace of mind knowing your house is being watched, mail collected and plants watered while you’re away. You have enough to worry about.  Pet Care shouldn’t be one of them.  Click here to learn more about our services.

Visit our website for a complete line of force free pet supplies, in partnership with The Pet Professional Guild, and for Life`s Abundance, trusted pet nutrition. Dog Kingdom Pets has everything you need on one convenient website.