Anthony Molyneux is the English author of the Lord Ferrister books for children, which uphold traditional values such as friendship, loyally and teamwork through the actions of Lord Ferrister, Lady Jennifer and their friends. Print or Kindle, audio soon.

Anthony believes that there is room for the more old fashioned type of story for children that can entertain without frightening or confusing impressionable young minds and that can provide a break from day-to-day reality. Lord Ferrister books are intended for 8-12 year olds but younger children and a number of adults have read and enjoyed them.

There are three books so far, available through Amazon in print or Kindle format and audio versions are in progress. The books available are, Lord Ferrister Finds a Circus, Lord Ferrister Welcomes You, and Lord Ferrister Keeps His Word.  

Lord Ferrister books are about fun, teamwork and friendship and do not contain swearing, slang, violence or confrontation of any kind. After all, children face reality every day, why give them more of it in the name of entertainment?