Portuguese Singer and Songwriter, Lori Jean, has been picked and displayed by music media while being discovered as a top charts artists for her songs, "Resurrect My Home," “What About Good Old Eve,” “I Put on My Gloves," and as a solo artist by Factory Fast Records. She is recently nominated as Best Music Artist at Pulse Music TV. After so many years, the true essence of who she really is revealed in a solo CD titled "Lori Jean" is being released by Factory Fast Records this year with a live performance at ‘The Mint LA’  at 6010 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA August 4th.

Being personally detained in her mind in her life, her musical talent stayed hidden. Personal experiences brought about the ignition to need to use her craft. The motion of wheels rolling in her body and mind began when she found herself attending music at a public college. Her magic with words and her personal style of animation exploded. Lori Jean was born.

Being able to photograph so many different musical styles in her head, she came about with her own new type of alternative modern rock genre. Her sultry, raw vocals that swoon and pulsate at times to a rebirth to relationship of a bird to lion, form the most in female submission to art.

All songs being performed have been personally written and composed by Lori Jean. Her hands not being physically good, she used digital technology to keep up with her strumming mind to create original guitar and piano tracks. Dark  melodies and harmonies skip beats trailing above and behind one another, as her indulgent vocals are used as an instrument blithely connecting them together.
'When I write of those not here with us today, I turn to see their angel come to visit me. I became accustomed to this and would smile and look over and always be so sure they would be there. I always look to them now when I write to know I am writing the right thing.’ Lori Jean

Top Charts Artist valued as a very unique, creative talent by her label Factory Fast Records, Lori Jean came about in 2010 singing "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones. She is a Rock, Pop, with a bit of Alt. Country singer from the Boston area who lives in Oregon. With her sultry, raspy vocals she creates raw, original tracks using themes, piano, synthesizers, and some of her original piano and guitar riffs.
First full sentence for Mom to plz play a record, a child sibling band, skipping school for lyrics, and abuse to her head as a toddler and adult, music was bound to her.

Lori Jean began releasing in 2011 with her first tracks release, "The Voice of Woman," under LJ Film and Music, a subsidiary of LJP Works. Since then her work with women introduced, "Love Of A Child" at Amazon (2013). Writing Top Charts Song "Resurrect My Home" that thrusts towards Aerosmith's "Janie's Got A Gun” and "I Put on My Gloves” at iTunes was released on her "Super Lady" CD March 2016. Also released Is "Under Your Pillow" by Factory Fast Records on "Harp's Soul" (2015), "Little Girls" on "Curtains Against the Wind" (2016), "Just Like Yesterday” on “Groove Tramp”  (July 26, 2016), as well as a self titled solo CD this year by Factory Fast Tecords. Regular play on ISX, The Shift, MuseBoat, and Open the Door Internet radio. Also at @AppleMusic, Spotify, GooglePlay, iHeart, and more. Member of BMI, SoundExchange, and AARC.