Half Finnish/French and half Portuguese Tidal and Pandora Radio Music Artist

'I've survived brutal beatings from abuse that has led me with no boundaries with my writing.'

Lori Jean Finnila is a woman healing from abuse through music.

Radio Friendly tracks Registered with BMI

Jesse's Song album written from the missing piece of puzzle in Lori's life.

Factory Fast Records 'unique artist'

WTYT960 AM Rock Station 'Lori, you rock sister. Loving the new tune' (referring to "So Groovy" also played at MPG Radio in Canada and Only Rock Radio in Spain).

Akademia Music Awards 2019' Executives Award Nominee 'for her dedication and talent to her music' and 2017' winner. International Singer Songwriters Association Nominee 2020 Female Single

An avid supporter of domestic abuse and against gun violence, Lori Jean Finnila is a BMI Registered Artist, French Royal Blood, Singer, Songwriter., and Producer. She is a victim of gun violence and she feels poisoned to Hashimotos autoimmune disease (a disease that attacks her own body against itself) by her best friends. She is an MTV Italia Lyrics Showcased Artist (Lori Jean) and at Vevo. She discusses life at iHeart Radio, with a fracture on the left side of her head corrected vision from brain injuries with glasses, and a gun shot impact wound on her right side of her head, music saving her life with the beats and bells. This is especially when Ned Euphorya composed a song for her to sing. When the beats of music stimulated her head she remembered the connection when she died of convulsions as a toddler and how the music connected with her then as well trying to speak through it, her plucking away at her pink plastic piano repetitiously driving the adults crazy - it was taken away from her.  

Lori produces her own music and videos at YouTube and her Artist Pages at Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and iTunes, Tidal, Google Play Music Store, Napster, 7 Digital, featured at Spain's Only Rock Radio, featured Artist at England's Smile Radio, Milan, Italy Catorweb Radio, Germany's Radio TFSC, Canada's MPG Radio in Century and Innovative and Jazz, been played at France's Radio KC and Cowboy Joe Radio, in rotation at Sweet Sunday Sounds Valley FM Australia 89.5 Radio, iHeart Radio, and at SoundCloud under Lori Jean Finnila.

Being marked as a victim child molested, though her mom grabbed her from her playpen when the fondling began outside her diaper, Lori was targeted as owned by the culprits – that are all connected in crime, in her own leading nation of the United States. This continued into her juvenile and adult years, disrupted as a tagged victim, fighting her way to all the paths of her successes.