This website  was started because the owner, Linda Hayes, found that Hoodia was a diet product that actually worked. She was never able to lose weight until she heard about Hoodia. She tried it and was amazed. No fast metabolism, no diarrhea or stomach upsets. None of the side effects she had experienced with other diet products. "I just didn’t binge on food anymore. Within 3 weeks I was down from 158 to 148 pounds and a month latter I met my goal of 135 pounds. I feel so much better about myself." said Hayes.

She decided it would be her mission to spread the word about this amazing product. She researched all the information on Hoodia Gordonii that she could find. As a result she decided that the best thing to do was to make the information and the Hoodia Gordonii products available to the public at one central location. The result is loseeasydiet.com. She hopes it will help others to lose those extra pounds and feel good about how they look.

Lose Easy Diet Products  is a site that is full of informative articles on dieting , weight loss products and it has links to other types of related diet items. Hayes has tried to offer all the different Hoodia enhanced  products that are available on the current market. The site is constantly adding Hoodia diet aides and helpful information such as recipes and advice through a question and answer column.  

For more information go to help@loseeasydiet.com.