In the United States nearly 2,000 go missing every day. LostNMissing has successfully located many missing loved ones to bring them home to their families. Those that are more easily located are teenagers who, statistically, usually have left home on their own. Others found with a high success rate are adults, and the younger crowd, who may be having emotional difficulties or cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's or Autism. Unfortunately, there is a high rate of missing that may take many days, weeks, months or even years before needed answers come as to what may have happened to them.  For families, this is devastating.  The not knowing engulfs their every day lives.  We at LostNMissing are with them every step of the way and we've  proven to be a valuable and supportive tool, both emotionally and physically, for those beginning the steps of searching for their missing loved one.

Many do not realize just how many go missing and how this traumatizes a family.  They depend on organizations as ours to find their missing and to work with their police departments to do whatever is necessary from search parties organized to bringing awareness via the public and media. They need our help.

Our services and support to the families continue to be provided, for those registered with our organization, from the time their loved one goes missing until they are located. Many relationships with families are maintained even after their loved one is located. How could it not? A bond is instantly formed and our devotion, compassion and continued focus to help bring home their loved one and we invariably come to love them as part of our own family at LostNMissing, Inc.