Lost Valley Educational Center & Ecovillage provides opportunities for hands-on learning and education relevant to developing more sustainable communities and creating positive change and communication.  

Lost Valley is a learning community creating catalysts for joyful ecological and social regeneration with the following goals:
•Hosting courses, workshops, events, a conference center, and a residential community, which are all contexts for world view changing and interactive, experiential learning. People who come through any of those avenues will grow in their ability to go into the world and be positive agents for change in a wide variety of work settings, social action groups, living situations and life paths.

•Offering courses in permaculture, ecovillages, green neighborhoods, communication in community and creating cottage industries, with an integral perspective  acknowledging that all of us have something important to contribute to the planet at this time.  Students learn through applying theory to action on-site and in our region, so one outcome of our courses is to provide entrepreneurs, apprentices, services and goods to our local community, creating more ecological, social and economic resilience in our bio-region.

•Continually developing the on-site residential Ecovillage and sustainably stewarded land to provide affordable community housing for staff and resident supporters of the education center, and serving as a living laboratory for observation, research, hands-on learning, experimentation and education that is relevant to helping rural, suburban and urban areas become more sustainable communities.  

Lost Valley Educational Center and Ecovillage is located at 81868 Lost Valley Lane, Dexter, OR  97431.  For more information go to  www.lostvalley.org or call Lost Valley at (541) 937-3351 for details.