This is the only opportunity that you can join this month... then do nothing at all and you could be a millionaire next month!

About Lotto Magic

Lotto Magic has been in business since 1996.

We are a membership benefits club that offers a unique way of playing in every single Florida Lotto and/or Powerball drawing from anywhere in the world. Our system does all of the work for you, including:
Analyzing drawings and picking out the best numbers for you.
Letting you play in either a fixed pool on a total of 64 tickets per lottery per month (no commissions) or a team that you build yourself (you get a referral commission on everyone in your team, even if all the tickets are worthless losers!)
All tickets are purchased by us and are kept at the home office in a fire-proof safe

When you become a member of Lotto Magic, regardless of which of our four options you select, your tickets are purchased in advance for an entire month on the day of the first drawing in that month. If you were to join today, you would be playing in every lottery drawing next month. Your numbers are instantly assigned to you and you will know them as soon as you enroll.

Did you know that with every single lottery system being sold today, the number one way to increase your odds in any drawing is to purchase more tickets?

And, that’s something most of these systems will have you doing anyway!

Traditionally, lottery pools have one the majority of the large jackpots and the reason why is because they have more buying power, so they are able to purchase more tickets.

But, lottery pools have a tremendous downside:

As the size of the pool grows, your potential payoff decreases in proportion to the size of the pool. If you were to participate in an ever-growing traditional lottery pool, eventually it would reach a point where it wouldn’t be worth it for you to play, because your potential winnings would be so small.

Lotto Magic changes all of that with four types of pools. Two of them are fixed (Team Player & Power Player) and the other two types (Team Captain and Power Captain) will let you grow a pool as large as you can imaging WITHOUT the downside of a reduced payout as the pool grows!

Your pool can be 10 people, 100 people, 1,000 people, or tens of thousands of people.

It doesn’t matter.

Your payout will always be 10% of the winning proceeds (or 50% if your own numbers hit anything)!

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