SciTech Development, LLC is a clinical stage, biopharmaceutical company led by an NCI-affiliated, highly experienced team of seasoned drug and commercial development professionals. Our clinical lead compound is an accelerated, short-development track, drug product (nano-fenretinide or ST-001) delivered in a novel, intravenous (IV) system initially for the management of an orphan T-cell lymphoma and then for a cadre of other tumor-types of unmet need.

ST-001 has overcome drug delivery hurdles that have stalled use of this famous anticancer agent that had previously demonstrated significant oncolytic activity. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in ST-001, fenretinide, has been combined with a new, simple, safe delivery system that resolves the shortcomings of earlier versions. The collection of decades of laboratory and clinical data make the case for the API's safety and efficacy.