When other tactics have failed, learn Louise Anne Maurice's empowered approach.  An International Empowerment Expert, Author and High-Level Trainer, Louise provides 50 business and personal development courses on Udemy to over 12,000 businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs in 152 countries. Her online courses are empowerment-based solution-focused with a splash of fun, motivation and inspiration.

How Can Louise Anne Maurice Help You?

Now that the formal introduction is done, let's talk about you! How can my empowerment-based courses help you? My clients and students dubbed me the success and motivation maven years ago because I live what I teach. I generously share my exact steps with you.  

Yes, I have the education, training, certifications and experience to create excellent information-packed courses but it is my personal experience with everything that I teach that benefits you the most. I give you the inside track on what it REALLY takes to achieve the successful results you want in your life, career or business. I give you the empowerment-based solution-focused plan to make those results long-lasting.

What is Louise Anne Maurice’s Background?

If you read my LinkedIn profile, you learned that I have an Honors Bachelor of Public Administration, Bachelor of Education with experience teaching kindergarten to high school to college courses, Life Coach Certification having coached and guided countless clients to success, Financial Industry training and certifications having worked as a Financial Advisor and at a bank. I owned a franchise business and now I am an online TeacherPreneur with books on Amazon, courses on Udemy and online membership programs.

Why Choose a Course From Louise Anne Maurice?

28 years of experience and I generously share my insights, knowledge, learned mistakes, skills, step-by-step know-how, simple tips and short-cuts so that your success journey is less stressful and more fun. Whether you work for a company or work for yourself, I want you to live a life of no-regrets, do what you love, love what you do and earn what you are worth. I know you are busy and it can get overwhelming with all of the advice and systems being thrown at you. My courses are no-fluff step-by-step easy-to-understand and are designed to get you from A to B in the shortest amount of time with the best results.

What Types of Courses Does Louise Anne Maurice offer?

When you invest in one of my Udemy courses; whether it is my Louise Anne Maurice personal and professional development courses, my 90 Day Guru E-Learning online business skills development courses, Womanly Wealth Academy courses that empower Life Coaches to succeed financially, Fearless Entrepreneur Academy Consulting business skills courses or Wealth Coach Academy's life coach certification courses, you receive doable and usable strategies you can implement right away that get results. My courses are engaging, well-planned and you walk away with the skills you need to succeed.

I guide you to reach your potential. When you join my online Udemy community, you uncover a world of possibilities, feel unstoppable and discover that there is no limit to what you can achieve. You feel empowered to become exceptional in whatever skill you want to learn. I give you the step-by-step plan to make it happen.

My courses taught through Womanly Wealth Academy on Udemy are high level courses that simplify difficult concepts so that Life Coaches can learn what they need to succeed financially. Womanly Wealth Academy's done-for-coaches solutions has helped thousands of students develop a better relationship with money and build coaching businesses with integrity. These courses can help you too!

As an online entrepreneur, having started 90 Day Guru E-Learning in 2009, I now share my insight and wisdom with Authors, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants and Speakers to help them build a strong presence online, use online tools to build their business and develop the business savvy to succeed. I also share more money, marketing and mindset strategies on Fearless Entrepreneur Academy on Udemy. New to the mix in 2016 is Wealth Coach Academy which provides an entire 10 module Life Coach Certification program exclusively on Udemy.

Join the other 12,000 plus community members from 152 countries around the world who are already learning from me and are experiencing success today.