Love & Company has worked very hard to step outside the boundaries of a typical marketing firm or ad agency. From the beginning we realized that to create and manage truly effective marketing and advertising requires stepping into our clients’ shoes, and understanding what they really need. Building this kind of relationship goes beyond winning awards and collecting industry kudos: it builds brands and furnishes clients with the fuel that enables real growth.

A major turning point occurred early on, as we tested the water of the senior living market. Working within a volatile, high-growth industry got us thinking about how to create work that is programmed to do one thing: get results. Since then, we have developed and used systems, processes and tools that allow us to produce work of that caliber. This is work that excites and motivates seniors to take action. At times it may not appear flashy or even highly appealing to the rest of us. But it works and works well.

Today, a client may select us for help with Marketing Analysis & Planning, Creative Brand Positioning & Lead Generation or Sales Training & Management. Many clients choose us to get us involved in all three areas, and this is when we really shine, by achieving both lasting relationships and verifiable, real-world results. We become a true senior marketing and sales partner.

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