Many successful women focus on their careers thinking their love life will fall into place. They’re confident and decisive at work, yet uncertain and indecisive when it comes to love. They may repeat the same relationship patterns even after trying conventional methods by well-meaning relationship experts to improve their love life.

Successful women tend to over-analyze their relationships and partners, making it difficult to get out of their heads and in touch with their hearts.  Love resides in our hearts and when we listen to our hearts, we’re led to love in a more graceful way.  Since Relationship Coach Janet Ong has walked this road, understood the journey and transformed her own love life, she is passionate about helping women do the same

Janet believes successful women deserve to have a deep and meaningful love relationship.  She brings care and passion to her love-based coaching by helping women take a heart-centered approach to love.  Janet inspires women to create their ideal love life with ease and clarity.