LoveHugsKisses simplifies travel for individuals, parents with children and seniors by reducing the hassles and anxiety associated with government limitations placed on the number and content of suitcases carried on a trip. Whether traveling by air, on a train, in a bus or car, LoveHugsKisses’ travel “care-package” products and concierge-type services allow individuals and / or families to transport less baggage, whether on personal vacations or business trips.

Focused on the need to eliminate increased baggage due to diapers, baby formula and other personal products normally packed in a suit case for an individual’s or family’s travel needs, LoveHugsKisses lets you travel lighter, and experience the convenient delivery of the personal products you need directly to your destination location.

With LoveHugsKisses, customers can:
•     Simplify packing and lessen what they carry / transport, since the products needed are waiting at the travel destination
•     Reduce worry and expense for excessive or overweight baggage required for diapers, formula and the personal items needed for a holiday or vacation
•     Lessen the stress and anxiety associated with the procedures required for movement of individuals and families through the various travel security processes
•     Eliminate the need to rent a larger vehicle to transport the family due to the size and space requirements for all of the baggage

The first two product lines offered by LoveHugsKisses.com are: SIMPLYSWEETKisses™  and SIMPLYSWEETHugs™.  SIMPLYSWEETKisses focuses on infant and toddler travel needs, and offers diapers, formula and baby food in addition to the supplies parents need to support their small child’s travel needs. SIMPLYSWEETHugs™ delivers larger size family care packages for travel needs, whether a short trip or a lengthier stay away from home; product bundles focus on various types of holiday locations and activities.