Lovell Patented Technology creates innovative products for heating, energy, lighting and switching applications. Our patented designs are available for license across individual market segments.

Our Monothermal energy-creating device has no moving parts, is simple to build, and creates energy from waste heat. Unlike other methods, it is not overly-complex and is available today.

Our Microballast lighting innovation fires almost any fluorescent light fixture more efficiently and at lower cost than available alternatives.

Our FlexTube switching mechanism is incredibly simple yet uses no electrical circuits and is highly sensitive and adjustable.

Our medium- and high-temperature paints and coatings are flexible, adjustable, and can be applied to a wide variety of materials in order to provide heat-producing properties.

About Lovell Patented Technology:

Walter Lovell was a prolific inventor responsible for the creation of dozens of innovations and patented inventions throughout his career. Equal parts designer and engineer, Lovell's many inventions included children's drinking straws, the Egg-Stir inside-the-shell egg mixer, a sonic wave ramjet engine, and the twist-off bottle cap still used today on the millions of soda, beer, and beverage bottles shipped every year. After the conclusion of his work with previous assignees, the Lovell family implemented an ambitious marketing plan to bring the remaining patented innovations in Lovell’s portfolio to market. Phase One of this plan is the establishment of Lovell Patented Technology and the recent launch of its website at http://www.lovellpatentedtechnology.com