Love spells to attract true relationship happiness. Using white magic to captivate hearts around the world. Always being delightful or positive when casting love spells. Results often fascinate the client.
You can temporarily hypnotize yourself with magic. Often times the word mesmerize is used when dealing with Conjuring. Please allow time for the love spells to work quickly. Love can be allured using incantations.
Magic may draw new energy and spirits during love spell offerings.
Energy entrances can be established, created or destroyed during the rituals being performed during witching hour. Soul grabbing or blocking is a negative process leading ultimately to happiness. Removing a hex can be simple or difficult using white or black magic. Polar or magnetized energy is complex but completed using black magic. Possessed spirits are removed as well with Haitian or Egyptian BM. Spirit consultations happen, never planned. Invoking spells are performed here at the coven.
I will transport energies into positive results through our many ceremonies.
If the need arises, I can use voodoo to place a wedge or remove any negative entities in our way.