LOVEVOLVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISES was founded by Nicole Wensel in Spring 2014. The company is multi-dimensional, composed of a production division (Lovevolve Cinema), a movement company (Lovevolve Movement) as well as the main site which consists of a blog for artists, entrepreneurs and activists. Nicole is a writer, director, actor, artist and entrepreneur currently based out of Echo Park in Los Angeles, California.

Nicole built LOVEVOLVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISES to help artists to become more empowered, entrepreneurial, and driven to create positive social and humanitarian change in the world.

Nicole is currently in production of her first feature film, Quarter-Life Coach, about a life coach who is having a quarter-life crisis.  She is also a published author of the 2012 book of poems and photographs entitled, Poetry and Visions of a Romantic Millennial Mind.  Nicole has an extensive and eclectic background in the arts and entrepreneurship, having studied at the University of Southern California‚Äôs School of Cinematic Arts and Marshall School of Business in addition to working closely with some of the top names in film, fashion, movement, business consulting and social enterprise.