Online PR News – 16-September-2015 – Houston, Texas – Lovinah Natural Skincare (http://lovinah.com/) is proud to announce its participation in GBK’s 2015 Pre-Primetime Emmys Celebrity Gift Lounge, in association with The Artisan Group®.

The company’s Ocean Rituals Self-Love Infusion Detox Bath will be on display at The Artisan Group’s exhibit and will be included in The Artisan Group’s popular celebrity swag bags. The by-invitation-only Gift Lounge takes place September 18-19, 2015 at an exclusive location in Beverly Hills, California.

Recipients will find their spa-size Ocean Rituals Self Love Infusion Detox Bath tucked inside The Artisan Group’s signature black swag bag, along with a bamboo scoop, a self-love permission slip and the company’s “14 Day Self-Love Challenge.”

Lovinah Natural Skincare founder Joy Ekhator is a strong believer in making the time to take care of yourself, no matter how busy your day, your week, your life. She says, “Give yourself 10 minutes of Self-Love every week for a healthy body, mind and spirit. If you don’t take time to meditate, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer because you’re so busy giving your “all” to your loved ones, your community and your job, you will burn out!”

Joy has formulated 100% organic Ocean Rituals Self-Love Infusion DeTox Bath to pamper, sooth, relax and restore. It is designed to help wash away worries and harmful toxins with a proprietary mix of Spirulina, seaweed, Dead Sea salt and rose petals.
“...take time to meditate, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures!”

Lovinah Natural Skincare is an eco-chic company offering handcrafted bath and body products that promote a healthy lifestyle. Soaps, scrubs, serums and more are inspired by the beauty of nature. In addition to year-round favorites, the company regularly introduces seasonal lines, like the upcoming Pumpkin and Spice scrub, mask, serum and balm, which will help keep skin deeply moisturized and soft during the winter months.

A percentage of proceeds from all sales are returned to the community to promote and empower women, especially around women’s health and gender equality, and help keep rural West African children in school by providing basic school supplies.

Lovinah Natural Skincare has been mentioned in Organic Spa Magazine, Newsweek, the ZOE Report and the New Beauty Report for its kale skincare products. Joy notes her company was one of the first to launch kale skincare products, to enthusiastic reviews. “Our Kale and Spirulina Mask is like food for the skin because we want our customers to feed their skin with healthy products. Our motto is not to put anything on your face that you wouldn’t put in your mouth,” she says.

Lovinah products are carried by high-end boutiques and spas around the globe, as well as at wellness and holistic health centers. Lovinah also participates in select spa shows, women’s events and trade expos.

To learn more about Lovinah Natural Skincare, contact Joy Ekhator by email using the Contact Author button on the right. Become a fan on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (@lovinahnaturals). Shop Lovinah Natural Skincare at lovinah.com.

For press inquiries regarding The Artisan Group, visit theartisangroup.org.

*This event is not affiliated with the Primetime Emmy show; Lovinah Natural Skincare is not in any way affiliated with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Lovinah Naturals Eco-Luxe Bath, Body & Spa products (http://www.lovinah.com) are handmade individually with love to nourish your body from the inside out. Our elegant and cruelty-free products are inspired by the beauty of nature.

Each product is based around antioxidants to deliver top quality results using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients because Lovinah cares deeply about you and what you put in your body and on your skin.

Lovinah Naturals turn everyday rituals, into a luxurious escape from the challenges of modern life, by offering customers a “total wellness” that can be tapped into anywhere, anytime.