Choosing a church home is an important step in your life.

Whether you are young, old, single, divorced or married, there is a place for you in our church family. Life is full of challenges. All of us go through good times and bad ones as we follow the path towards discovering who we are and where we fit.  If you are looking for a church full of perfect people, that’s just not us.. If you are looking for a church where people are helping each other take another step towards a life of happiness and self discovery then you might find a home where you fit.

Our members are internationally and culturally diverse. Japanese, Korean, Spanish, African, Indian, Filipino, European and a big mix of others gather together for worship, projects, programs and lots of good food. If you are looking for a church that has relevant teachings, a great ministry for your children and teens, and if you like praise and worship that is passionate and God-centered, you will find all of this and more at LOVIN’ LIFE Ministries.


LOVIN’ LIFE Ministries is the ministry of the Unification Movement, known by many as the Unification Church.
LOVIN’ LIFE Ministries Sunday worship service launched on April 12, 2009 – Easter Sunday – by our senior pastor Rev. InJin Moon in front of a capacity crowd of over thirteen hundred congregants in New York City.

Over the last few months the ministry has branched out to cities all over America and the ministry is growing.  

In Indianapolis Indiana, we are located at 404 E. 38th Street. Some communities already have a membership in the hundreds and some are planting ministries starting in their homes.

Come and grow with us. Living with God in the service to others is a wonderful journey to share.


The goal of LOVIN’ LIFE Ministries is to raise up a Generation of Peace that will secure God’s Kingdom on earth. We do this by getting people to experience, understand and inherit the True Love of God.


We believe first and foremost that God is our Heavenly Parent and that all human beings are God’s divine sons and daughters, created in His/Her likeness. We believe in true love, which is about living lives of altruism and service to others. We believe in the necessity for human compassion and cooperation with others. And we believe in living lives of internal and external excellence – that we must strive internally to reflect God’s divinity, and externally to be the best at whatever it is we do.


LOVIN’ LIFE Ministries in District 6 is composed of 6 state centers and 8 home churches. Each state and home group carry out the mission and vision and programs set up by LOVIN’ LIFE Ministries in NY as well as local outreach and programs. The LOVIN’ LIFE Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio acts as the District HQ.