Loyal Book Store (LBS) is an Importer, Wholesaler, and retailer of Computer Programming, Web Programming and other IT related books based in Lahore, with branch office at Karachi, Pakistan. All of our books are imported directly from the largest publisher brands in the IT Industry, Such as O’Reilly Media and Pearson Education and various others US based publishers (through their Offices in India).

We always strive to offer the latest titles to our customers. Which could help them keep pace with the latest technological advancements in both computer programming and web programming fields. All of the titles sold on our website, are kept in stock at our warehouse to make sure the timely delivery to our customers.

Also when you order with LBS, you are guaranteed that you would receive ‘Original’ copy of the book. And our books quality speaks for itself. We make sure their printing and paper quality is up to mark while maintaining the cost at lower level. They could cost bit higher than pirated books. But using pirating books is not only immoral but also you get the worst quality, and hinder the publishing of such great titles.

We are consistently updating our inventory with the latest releases all the time. And Hope it would help the local IT community to buy Original and better quality books at lower cost. And for this purpose we need your support as well, to spread the word out . Thanks for visiting LBS and your kind attention.