Thank you for giving Group Eighty One the opportunity to help you build your business by integrating LPG Endermologie equipment and services into your practice. Please feel free to visit www.lpgendermologie.com for general information on our company and products.

Founded in 1986 in Valence, France, LPG Endermologie is supported by over 23 years of scientific research. LPG was the first to receive FDA approval for reducing the appearance of cellulite. As the only non-invasive treatment backed by 85 scientific studies, and featured in over 100 publications, with 40 published articles, we have remained the leader in skin beautification and body contouring. Our Endermologie technique has been proven to treat cellulite, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, and improve skin quality without the risks of more aggressive treatments. With over 18 million patients having received over 160 million treatments worldwide, LPG has not had a single incidence of MDR (Medical Device Reporting).

Currently on our 8th generation of machines, LPG has over 70 distributors worldwide. Group Eighty One is the exclusive authorized US distributor and is committed to your support your business development every step of the way. From scientific research to FDA clearances, from marketing support to technician certification and sales training, Group Eight One is here to help.