L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. provides business resources in many industries.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida USA, enjoying excellent nearby port locations such as Miami and Jacksonville.

L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. is run by a Board of Directors which spans 3 continents. Board members have backgrounds in the fields of Law, Business, Medical Services,Design and Development, Import/Export, Engineering, and Foreign Trade. The combination of such diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, gives us a sound platform in which to make intelligent decisions.

Serving all your manufacturing needs, L.R.Caldwell International, Inc. has been proudly servicing businesses worldwide. We have developed a reputation for being professional and knowledgeable remaining goal oriented with quality, customer satisfaction, and a high degree of customer understanding. We maintain an extensive quality assurance and control system to ensure that all products we manufacture meet our customer's expectations and our service guarantee.

Our goal is to meet both industry and customer standards for all the products we manufacture, in the most efficient and economical manner possible.

Our staff of members are experts in their specialties. We can take on any job you have! Building custom components from simple machining to optics to electronics, we have the ability to serve your needs.

We provide a vast number of services geared toward inventors and businesses in need of low-cost custom manufacturing.

Our ability to serve many industries is a direct result of the close relationships we have formed with many businesses around the world.

By working closely with many other businesses, we are able to help keep smaller businesses running and keep people employed.  

In addition to this, each partnership is formed with businesses which specialize in their selected fields, thus ensuring you receive the best possible value for your money. By investing in small American-owned businesses, we promote US business success as well as limit our exposure to poor economic times.

Our offices are currently located in Cameroon, Canada, China, and the USA