Are you an author?  Have you decided the time has come for you to submit or self-publish your work?

L.R. Price Publications has prolifically helped authors realize their dream of publishing their work; before now, we generally only offered our editorial services to those with whom we were entering into a publishing relationship.  

Now we have opened up our professional editorial service to any and all authors, specializing in the following:

COPY-EDITING - for all types of manuscript and document.
FORMATTING / TYPESETTING - for both e-book (including Kindle) and/or paperback formats.  
GHOSTWRITING - our editors are also published authors, who have ghostwritten a number of fiction books for existing clients.  
TRANSLATION SERVICES - manuscripts in any language translated to perfect English.

We will send you an EMAIL CONSULTATION of recommendation for your manuscript before you agree to any editorial work being carried out - this service is provided free of charge.