TransferLogix is the world's most innovative, practical, affordable and effective solution to the learning transfer problem in employee training.  Estimates are that over 70% of the money spent on employee learning never results in changed job performance. TransferLogix harnesses the power of web 2.0 to create transfer for a fraction of the cost of expensive consulltants.

TransferLogix was built by international learning transfer experts Dr. Ed Holton, Ed.D., Reid Bates, Ph.D., and J. P. Hatala.  It is based on 15 years of research into the barriers and catalysts of learning transfer.  That work resulted in development of the Learning Transfer Sytem Inventory (LTSI) which is the only validated tool in the world for measuring barriers and catalysts in organizations and is the backbone of TransferLogix.

TransferLogix combines the power of web 2.0 with this 15 years of research to revolutionize learning transfer. Now, learning transfer improvement is within reach of every organization.