Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd is a leading oil purification and waste oil recycling machine manufacturer in China, which engages in developing, producing, selling a series of oil purifier such as vacuum transformer oil purification machine, turbine oil purifier, engine oil regeneration equipment, lube oil filtration plant and so on. We practice in this line for more than 15 years, so we have a strong technology and gain rich experience. Our products have been exported to many countries, and get a high reputation.

Our used oil purification system are extensively used in the fields of electric power, petroleum, natural gas, mechanical manufacture, steel, metallurgy, railway, aviation etc. which consume lubrication oil, insulation oil, and turbine oil etc. It's the principal products covering more than 100 kinds of products in 7 series and can meet different needs of customers. For special demands of customers, we offer particular solutions. All the products are not only economical and security effectively, but also can solve the problem of which the waste oil contaminates environment. It’s ecological and environmental protection.

Hope we can establish an excellent long-term business relation with you.

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Main Products/Used Oil Solutions:
For Transformer Oil Filtration and Test:
Series ZY Single-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier  
Series ZYB Multi-Function Insulating Oil Treatment Equipment
Series ZYD Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Series ZYD-I Double-Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration System
Series IIJ-II Oil Tester (BDV Tester)

For Lube Oil/Hydraulic Oil Purification:
Series TYA Lubricant Oil Purifier Machine
Series TYA Hydraulic Oil Filtration Unit
Series TYA-R Lubricating Oil Regeneration System
Series TYA-I Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistance Hydraulic Oil Purifier

For Turbine Oil Reclamation:
Series TY Turbine Oil Purification Unit
Series TY-R Turbine Oil Regeneration System

For Fuel Oil Filtering:
Series TYB Light Fuel Oil Coalescence-Separation Purifier

For Black Engine Oil Regeneration:
Series LYE Waste Engine Oil Recycling System

For Simple Used Oil Purification and Oiling
Series PL Paper Plate Pressure Oil Filter
Series JL Portable Oil Purifier
Series JO Portable Oiler

For Explosion Proof Type Oil Filtration Needed:
Series EFD Explosion Proof Type Oil Filtration System
(Can be added on any model above)