Lucid Hills Publications (LHP) exists to produce quality books that will educate, inspire, and cultivate each reader.

Our purpose is to publish and promote great books of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry each year. We wish to create a place in the world for good writers, whose work is ignored by mainstream publishers, but whose voices deserve to be heard. We are a small press with an enormous dedication to quality literature. We are not a “vanity” press; we are a selective publishing house. Currently, we publish and promote 2-3 authors per year. We seek a diverse group of voices that speak to what it means to be human and speak it well. We strive to promote cultural literacy in the community. We will share books; readings, poetry, literature and ideas. Our goal is to allow good writing to speak for itself. No gimmicks, no exploitative works, or commercial fluff. We seek writing that will stand the test of time from every hill.