Our business is built on the foundation of family, sharing our culture through food and the pursuit of the American dream. Our family immigrated to the United States in the ’70s. Speaking little English, our grandmother chose to provide for her family by doing what she did best, preparing wholesome Asian foods. What started as a single restaurant later became a manufacturer for our original products, Lucky Spring Rolls.

Today, Lucky Foods is still family-owned-and-operated. In addition to our popular Spring Rolls, we have expanded our product line to share our family’s Korean recipes through our Seoul brand. And while the times have changed, our persistence on high-quality products have not. That means finding the best, farm-fresh ingredients that add to the quality of our products. It means creating foods that are easy to prepare, but also healthy. And it means we take pride in the fact that through each bite of our family’s products we share with you our multigenerational recipes.