LumbaCurve International Limited is based in Liverpool,United Kingdom

Its core product is Lumbacurve, a patented therapy device designed to provide pain relief to sufferers of low back pain. The original concept had been developed over several years in conjunction with a Dutch based acupuncturist.

The concept behind LumbaCurve was to combine the best of East and West therapies, designed to combat back pain. LumbaCurve initially provides a passive gravity assisted traction (PGAT) – put simply it gently stretches the lower back, causing the vertebral joints to separate. This in turn, relaxes the discs and frees up the spinal nerves, thus giving pain relief, as practised by Western physiotherapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths.

In addition to this Lumbacurve design features provide the combined benefits of shiatsu stimulation, yogic stretch, and acupressure massage, all recognised techniques, employed in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Its designed for adults who experience lower back pain as a result of occupational posture related conditions for example pc users, drivers or recreationally aggrievated conditions such as in golfers or gardeners.
LumbaCurve is very easy to use, simply lie down, slide LumbaCurve under your lumbar region, follow the instructions, and carry out a few exercises. With minimal time and effort the effects on your back pain could be amazing.