Luna Chica Records International is a non-traditional, independent record label. We are a new paradigm for the way that music is developed, marketed and distributed and we’re forging ahead with a progressive global business model. While others are unnerved by the changing music scene and stuck in models that are no longer effective, we are excited to embrace the future. We believe that great music is great music regardless of age, genre or commercial viability and should be given the opportunity to be heard.


At Luna Chica Records International we believe in supporting artists to help move their dreams and careers forward. Our team has a wealth of experience in all facets of the music industry to professionally produce, develop, promote and distribute our artists' music. We use both conventional and nontraditional methods to sell music on a shared income basis. We also offer our artists many service options designed to guide and enhance their career, while helping them to avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls within the music industry.


There are many aspects of Luna Chica Records International that make us different from conventional record labels – all which promote positive, results-oriented partnerships with our artists.

Luna Chica Records International is not a division of a large, multi-national corporation. Decisions can be made quickly and without the need to jump through corporate red tape. This factor alone allows us to give more personalized, individual attention to our artists and to work together for common goals. We offer many of the same services as conventional record labels, such as record production, artist development, marketing and distribution. We differ in that we don't ask for ownership of your masters or copyrights; we do not get a percentage of your merchandise or performance income. In short, you will never be indebted to us.

Because we are not committed to the way things have been done in the past, we can exploit many different avenues to generate income and collaborate with our artists to create win-win scenarios. We don't rely solely on radio for artists’ success and believe in the most powerful marketing tool ever – the Internet.


First of all, we are looking for great music of all genres from around the globe!

Secondly, we are looking for artists with incredible talent! Luna Chica Records International welcomes both seasoned artists and new talent that has potential, but needs a little guidance and development. We seek artists who have a professional mentality, great attitude, are proactive with their careers, and have realistic expectations.

We accept and are seeking completed projects – both full albums and smaller three to four song projects – from artists who own their masters and have performed all of their licensing obligations.


At Luna Chica Records International you can expect to be surrounded by a team of experienced and open-minded industry professionals who will take a personal interest in you and your career.

You will have access to your label representatives and support team, as well as an expansive network of industry services at your disposal.

You can expect to retain full ownership of your masters.