We are a family run non-profit foundation dedicated to inspiring others. We create books and products that celebrate life through adversity. Our new book elevates the stories of cancer survivors to give hope to cancer fighters.

Melody was born and raised in Southern California. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age six and has been a cancer warrior ever since. She was given a 50% chance of survival and was treated at City of Hope for three years until age nine. Being a survivor at a time when not many survived set Melody on a course to help newly diagnosed cancer patients.

At a young age she spoke nationally for various cancer charities, helping to raise money for cancer research. Melody has continued her philanthropic endeavors into adulthood and has volunteered as a counselor for camps for children with cancer and continues to raise money for various cancer organizations.

Melody is a graduate of UC Irvine, where she was awarded a scholarship as a collegiate swimmer. She graduated with a double major in Sociology and Art History. Motivated by her cancer experience to live a full life, Melody stays very active in her community as a volunteer for many non-profits, practices yoga, continues to swim and most importantly, focuses on her family.
Gracelyn is passionate about understanding the life experiences of others. Her role at Luna Peak Company combines her educational background in Sociology with an opportunity to engage with people who have overcome obstacles in their lives. Gracelyn graduated with a B.S. in Sociology from Santa Clara University, and she received a master's degree in Sociology from Columbia University. She spent five years working in digital marketing and media in New York City.  

Since returning to Los Angeles, Gracelyn has focused on creating meaningful projects for Luna Peak. After losing her father at age 26, it’s been a priority for her to expand research and uplift survivor stories within the grief community to help survivors and create a bigger conversation around how society deals with loss and supporting people through it. In her spare time, Gracelyn enjoys photography, hiking, dance, volunteering and playing ukulele with her grandfather.