Who we are.  What we do.  How LuthierBuilt works.  What is our message to musicians?

LuthierBuilt is a worldwide community of professional musical instrument artisans and suppliers.

Our community also includes those who supply professionals like us, as well as hobbyists, with instrument making tools, parts, materials, and services.  Organizers of events where musicians can meet us and play our instruments belong to our community as well.

We design, make, restore, and maintain all types of musical instruments and instrument accessories.  Our expertise embraces all instrument families — string, wind, percussion and electronic.

We love getting to know and working with musicians, plus helping each one achieve his or her musical dreams.  We are passionate about what we do.

LuthierBuilt allows the musician to easily find us using pinpoint criteria as they search our directory of artisans and other professionals.  Our blogs and our magazine articles allow them to learn about what we do, how we do it, and how our work benefits players whatever their skills and ambitions.

As the LuthierBuilt community grows, our marketplace will offer musicians artisan crafted instruments and accessories, plus other products and services for players as well as for artisans themselves.

In addition, if a player is looking for professional help with a musical instrument project — such as designing and making a custom instrument or restoring one they already cherish — they can post a project on LuthierBuilt so that we can get back to them about working on it.

What is our message to musicians?

"LuthierBuilt is where musicians and artisans meet, envision and create."