SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER, 2016 – LUTRAN INC, announced the offering of $15,000,000 aggregate principal amount of 9.00% Convertible Senior Notes due 2017 (the "Convertible Notes") in a private placement under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act"). The offering of the Convertible Notes is expected to close in 2017, subject to customary closing conditions.

LuTran has a promising portfolio of ten drug candidates in preclinical development against the viruses of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Adenovirus, Ebola, Human Cytomegalovirus, Respiratory Syncytial virus, Varicella Zoster Virus and Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, LuTran has in discovery stage several best in class compounds with the potential to improve efficacy and enhance the safety profiles towards drug targets, including debilitating viral fevers.

Ronald Griffith, Ph.D. is Director and Chief Science Officer for LuTran comments: “We focus our medicinal chemistry efforts by designing medicines where our chemistries may offer significant improvement in efficacy, favorable pharmacokinetics and provide superior toxicological profiles for our drug targets. Our chemistry can improve binding affinity and intrinsic potency through stronger hydrophobic synergies in the target receptor, increase duration of action by being resistant to CYP metabolism and consequently improve bioavailability, lipophilicity for better penetration and enhance safety through maximizing specific hydrophobic interactions.”

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