Lux & Eco™ is the first online luxury Private sales Site to carry 100% Eco-friendly Products & Services. Soon you will be able to find the best eco-friendly Brands at prices found nowhere else on- or offline.

You're going to find Beauty & Skin Care Products, Apparel & Shoes, Home & Interior Decoration, Luxury Gift Items, Jewelry and much more at up to 70% off retail price.

Our sales events will last up to 3 days, (or until we've sold out). So sit tight Its going to start soon, and trust us when we say, we're excited to see you.

Lux & Eco™ satisfies the needs of those who love a clean, modern, and elegant aesthetic to the products they buy, but who also want to participate in the preservation of our planet's precious resources. This new website will provide green lifestyle enthusiasts with an inclusive venue, offering ready access to the highest quality goods and services. The Lux & Eco™ platform will simplify steady access to a green way of life. By consolidating an unprecedented number of environmentally responsible brands onto one internet ecommerce site, the dedicated eco consumer will save significant time and energy normally spent shopping to satisfy their desire to remain true to their ethical standards. To complement Lux & Eco's efforts to generate profitable business growth in luxury green living, they will donate 5% of all sales to a charity of the consumer's choice that reflect the values of the Lux & Eco™ Consumer.