Luxanova is a Boston based start-up software company focused on enterprise solutions for the education market. Luxanova, derived from the Latin terms lux meaning “light” and nova meaning “new”, is the perfect name for a company that strives to shine a new light on the education industry. Luxanova is developing a learning management platform, primarily serving the higher education market for small to mid-size colleges and universities.

Luxanova is building a Learning Management System (LMS)/Content Management System (CMS)/Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Luxanova’s understanding of the frustrations of administrators, professors, and students inspired us to build a new type of LMS. Complicated GUI, unnecessarily high learning curves, and a lack of robust functionality has burdened end users with a product that fails to meet expectations. Luxanova’s solution is an all-in-one system that has a simplified GUI, a small learning curve for end users, and a more powerful functionality.