Look: life is busy. Between lunch meetings and rush hours and deadlines, making your home the retreat you deserve usually takes a back seat.

There isn’t enough time to study the latest trends, fight through a crowded home décor store on your one Saturday off, or shop for that perfect accent rug that ties it all together.

We get that. We’re here to help. At LuxBox, we take care of the details.

Have the couch and the coffee table, but the walls are bare? Not a problem. We can work with that. Need the couch, too? We’ve got it covered.

We’re not a room-in-a-box. Our interior designers have created put-together looks without everything looking like it came from the same section of the showroom floor.

Because it didn’t.

We complete your room with rugs, lamps, wall art, mirrors, bookcases, throw pillows and everything else needed to fit your style.  One room at a time.

Want your bedroom to have a trendy modern look? Or have you been trying for months to make that living room look shabby chic, but can’t quite pull it together? We can.

Go ahead. Pick a room. Pick a theme. Choose your luxury level. Let LuxBox take care of the rest.