Luxe and Lush is a new business devoted to making it easier for consumers to buy used and new products online. LuxeandLush.com sells and buys  new and used clothing, housewares, shoes, accessories, health and fitness items, media, DVDs, CDs, crafts, and many other items.

What makes them different from other similar companies is that they inspect and warehouse the majority of items that are sold on LuxeandLush.com. They provide a piece of mind for those consumers who want high quality goods at a reasonable price but are distrustful of individual sellers on other sites.

For sellers, Luxe and Lush takes their inventory off their hands and out of their way by offering free shipping to one of their warehouses within the United States. Sellers earn the highest returns in commission sales. Luxe and Lush also takes care of the packaging, shipping, customer service, ordering, payments, and advertising of the sellers products. Sellers are also privileged to sell almost anything. From crafts to media to gift baskets; sellers have a wide range to market their products easily. There are special programs in place for established retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

“We feel that our company is unique in that we are able to offer consumers an economical product – new or used…we have many brand new products on the site- while eliminating the risk of buying from an individual. We take the possibility of fraud out of the buying equation and replace it with sound business practices. We inspect, list, photograph, and tell the description and condition of each item. Therefore we know that an item is authentic. That an item is in excellent condition. We don’t offer items that are in less than “good” condition,” states Andrea Griffith, one of the Co-owners of Luxe and Lush.

The company is slated to be a revolutionary way of buying and selling online. With their many controls and the customer in mind, their business model is geared both towards being fair for sellers and consumers.