Luxx Health is alive in all of us. It is the right to live a luxurious life. Every modern woman deserves time for herself, time to relax, to pamper herself, time to enjoy the small excitements life brings. A luxury life doesn't mean owning a million dollar home, a Rolls-Royce or a pair or Louis Vuitton shoes! Luxury is a subjective term and you decide what makes you feel amazing. If it's that little black dress tucked away in your closet, go get it! Don't wait for a special occasion to feel your best, live in the moment! Maybe it's that special mascara that enhances your beautiful shinning eyes, when you wear it, you know you're the star in the room! There are little things in life that gives us great pleasure and that is why Luxx Health is in all of us, to act as a reminder to all women to indulge in what makes you feel beautiful from the inside and out.