Company Summary:

Lxgic strives to apply positive emotions such as happiness and amazement to everyone’s lives. “Interactivity” is the fundamental concept of our endeavor.

Our journey begins with changing a daily activity that everyone does, “purchasing”. A process that people have been repeating for hundreds of years, yet still open for tons of innovation.

Our first service introduces interactivity to marketing. Influencer marketing is changing the nature of brand communication from a “one-way brand to customer communication”, to a more interactive nature by involving the customers in the communication loop.

Using interactivity as our core value, Lxgic will continue to exert ideas to enrich people’s lives, and make the world a more fun place to be in.

​Our service:
expaus is a platform on the web where brands and influencers can connect directly for collaborations.

expaus has a global network of more than 2500 influencers, registered from all over the world. The influencers are active on a variety of channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Weibo,  blogs, and more.

The core offerings of expaus to businesses are summarized into 2 points.

1. Freely search, communicate, and collaborate with influencers without any middle men
(we are not a marketing agency).

2. Various analytical tools ready to help your influencer marketing
(eg. analytics for demographical data of the influencer's followers, analytics for the effectiveness of your campaigns, and more).

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