Lynbrooks offers all aspects of real estate valuation and consulting services for residential, commercial, hospitality and special purpose properties. We have a distinct advantage of valuing detailed mixed-use master plans, that is by utilising our home-grown valuation and market intelligence systems, we do this in record time, and in detailed unit-by-unit bases, without the sacrifice in quality.

We are backed by a combined experience of more than fifty years that covers the US, UK, Far East, Russia as well as the Middle East.
Lynbrooks Real Estate Consulting runs its own real estate sector research reports, constantly monitoring the market and gaining the right intelligence in the not so transparent markets.

Our valuation and research services comply with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Valuation Standards (The Red Book), the Appraisal Institute of America and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency of Dubai (RERA).

We protect our client's interest by providing independent and unbiased Real Estate Studies. Undertake market research on the ground to assist our clients in understanding current trends, demand and supply and current price levels for various types of real estate. Critique master plans and layouts to provide constructive input which would increase potential revenue.
Our experience includes the following types of properties: master plans, commercial, retail, and residential (buildings, villas and apartments).

Appraisal Consulting

Highest and best use analysis
Land utilisation studies
Market studies
Marketability studies
Due diligence for a client's acquisition or sale decision
Absorption analyses
Risk analysis
Portfolio analysis
Adaptive reuse analysis - analysis of an existing property's proposed change of use
Property inspections
Capital market analysis
Studies that provide support for litigation

Information Management for Master Plans

This unique service includes developing bespoke interactive cloud-services to manage master plan information, and provide statistical and audit reports. Not only will our system assist decision makers in being updated in real-time on the latest plan specifications and sales status but more importnatly report current market value status, unit by unit and full master plan.
Land valuation on plot-by-plot bases and total master plan
On going monitoring of market (including provision of research reports) to update sales pricing of project in different phases
On-going review of financial models (including pricing models)
Updates to valuation reports if necessary
Updating valuation for sales pricing due to change in master plan and changes in market conditions
Project pricing