Through her work with clients, Lynne has developed a unique understanding of how the mind works and explores ways to liberate us from the throes of what she calls “victim consciousness.” Lynne teaches that we react to life in one of two ways - we’re either reacting out of victim consciousness, or we see life through the eyes of the observer self which witnesses without negative judgment. The victim mind is a state of consciousness that prompts us to react as if what we feel, believe, or do is caused by something outside of us. We see ourselves as being at the mercy of our life circumstances. The observer mind, on the other hand, understands that there is only one cause to our unhappiness - and that is what is going on in our mind. What drives our state of mind is the thoughts we believe. Each of us operates from belief patterns (often handed down to us from our family) that form a particular life theme; that life theme generates stressful, unhappy feelings that determine our behavior.