At the intersection of creativity and technology you’ll find us, Lynup, The Social Agency. We’re a full-service marketing and advertising firm led by a team of maverick creatives, technologists, analysts, artists and assorted masterly digital marketing specialists.. Backed by decades of direct marketing accomplishments, our team adapts our experiential wisdom of results tracking to digital and social marketing mediums.

We have a passion to create influential and engaging marketing and advertising programs that transcend the boundaries of digital, traditional and social media. We do all of the things that businesses, large, small and everywhere in between need. Social media? Consider us as your personal Mark Zuckerberg. Email? When it comes to testing, we can go way beyond A/B; we can take it to Z. Branding? Yep, we’re like marketing ranchers; Yeehaw! SEO and SEM? Uh huh! We are fluent in the languages of keywords, exact matches and landing pages.. Printing? Yeah, you’d never have guessed that one, but we’ve got more iron on the floor than Andrew Carnegie.

We take that old saying, “You have two ears and one mouth” very seriously. We’re never shy of speaking our minds but what really sets us apart is our ability to listen, and understand our clients. Our commitment to building a fundamental understanding of the great people that we work with is how we produce the best results and create relationships that endure.

We avoid clichés like the plague and as you can tell, we have a sense of humor too. If you’re seeking an agency that has figured out the precise way to blend pragmatism and ingenuity, well then we think it is time for us to talk.

Since we don’t like making cold calls any more than you like getting them, we’ll leave it up to you to reach out to us. Let’s talk about what you need to grow your business. Even if you don’t need any help right now, you’ll know who to call when you do. Phone, email, text, message in a bottle? They are all the same to us. Let’s get together over a coffee, a beer or heck even a martini f you’d like, the drink is on us. We’re thirsty, so let’s get this going!

So what can Lynup do to help you? Take the first step and contact us today!