Started by former law enforcement officer Ron Lyons, Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply is based in the Dallas, Texas metro area. With a passion for law enforcement, military and survivalists, Lyons provides everything from tactical pants and shirts to specific police duty gear to clients all across the US.

Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply also provides a unique learning opportunity to clients through their "LEARN" portal on https://www.lyonstactical.com This free service is a place where product reviews, how-to articles, podcasts, and videos are provided free of charge.

A typical client for Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply might come to the website looking for a tactical shirt or possible information on building a Bug Out Bag. Not only could a client find a complete line of tactical shirts and related gear, but they would also be able to find all of the supplies and how to videos on creating a bug out bag. Another client might be a municipal police officer looking to build out her duty belt. At Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply, every item the officer may want is available and backed up by 24/7 US-based customer service that can answer questions and make product recommendations.

Over 50,000 products are available on the Lyons tactical & Survival Supply website, with free standard shipping to anywhere in the continental US for orders over $49. Faster shipping is available at exact cost shipping rates, however, Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply does not ship outside the US under any circumstances.