Timeless Teachings for the Modern Consciousness

Independent Montreal publishers, Orange Palm and Magnificent Magus Publications Inc., have a modern and innovative approach to universal wisdom, to physical, emotional and spiritual well being, and to inner transformation. These books touch the heart of readers and are known internationally for their quality, as well as their creative and original writings.

Orange Palm and Magnificent Magus Publications oversee three distinct divisions, each having a particular goal. Through its numerous photographic and literary works, Orange Palm Publications transmits authentic spiritual wisdom adapted to the modern mind. Magnificent Magus Publications focuses its attention on the new science, the art of invocation through the Seven Rays of energy. Paume de Saint-Germain Publications is a source of inspiration for all readers wanting to awaken their inner consciousness through teachings that touch mankind in evolution.

These publishing houses are receiving notable recognition for their exceptional books. "Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Khadromas and the Way of the Pilgrim" won the prestigious American literary prize, the Gold Award at the Nautilus Book Awards, a prize honoring contributions to positive social change. Several other books were also finalists of literary awards in the United States for their creativity and innovation.

Discover the bounty of spiritual and cultural treasures within our exceptional publications.

"Different paths, same planet, we are all pilgrims."
– Etbonan Karta