M1 Innovations Inc.

Our business is built on one singular premise

No matter how sophisticated means of communication may become and regardless of how technology may enhance the ability of a company to market its services or products; ultimately, high value business transactions are closed as a result of a conversation between two people.

Our Mission Statement:

To be recognized as the industry leader in quality sales and service bringing customers and our clients together. M1 Innovations Inc. lives by three key principles:

A solid strategy is the key to a successful program. Our team of highly skilled professionals will work with our clients to develop programs that are unique, actionable and measurable. Programs that build brand loyalty and drive new revenues.

A plan is only as good as how it is executed. Whether it is launching a new product or service, we create new approaches to growing our clients' brand and their business. We provide complete end-to-end solutions that make a difference to their customers in a significant and measurable way.

Market penetration of this highly saturated and fragmented marketplace can bring obstacles to most companies. At M1 Innovations Inc., this challenge is the core of our business and we know how to reach your target groups to build brand loyalty and grow your bottom line. We are also only as good as our people. You can be confident that your brand is represented in the most powerful and appropriate manner.