We are an urban farm that produce the freshest and nutrient-dense food on the planet and deliver them to your home in Bangalore.

Add Wheatgrass and mICROGREENS to your diet for a healthy life and to enhance immunity. Consuming Wheatgrass and other mICROGREENS may have health benefits for individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers and on a weight loss routine.

You'll love including Wheatgrass and mICROGREENS in your diet as much as we love growing them for you. We help you learn how to grow microgreens at home in our training program “Growing microgreens at home” and support by sourcing tools, trays, seeds and sharing recipe ideas for Indian dishes.

Food and health are related. Good food brings good health. You can consume Wheatgrass as wheatgrass shots, wheatgrass smoothies or wheatgrass juice as a detox drink. Wheatgrass are known as super foods to fight cancer and may aid cancer patients. You may use wheatgrass for weight loss, wheatgrass for cancer, wheatgrass for hair, wheatgrass for skin, wheatgrass for Gut health and diabetes. It contains chlorophyll and aids in anemia. Eat nutritional and healthy food for a healthy life. Order online!

The nutritional benefits of Wheatgrass and mIRCOGREENS are so amazing and their flavors will give all the more reason to try it. So come and explore the world of microgreens!